s Rules - TIOL Awards I Awards to TaxPayers



  1. Self-Nomination except for few Deemed Nominated categories, is allowed. Organizing teams, auditor, sponsors, employees of TIOL and vendors supporting the TIOL 2022 Awards will not be eligible for nomination. However, they can support validated nominees.
  2. Nomination will be accepted from valid PAN (Permanent Account Number) holders.
  3. Nomination beyond timeline will not be accepted, only digital form, no manual nomination will be accepted.
  4. We expect truthful information to be provided on self-declaration basis and all answers to be provided with self-verification. However, the Jury, the organizing team and independent auditor appointed for the Award Purpose, reserve the right to evaluate claims through secondary research.
  5. .Organizing team reserves the right to check the quality of information through system / internet and other public domain information channels about the nominee.
  6. Nominee can provide URL / weblink of publicly available information to validate nomination credentials.
  7. Incomplete form or form with weightage less than threshold decided by the Jury will not move to the next level i.e. inviting support through the website.
  8. Post Audit, intimation message or e-mail will notify only the valid nominees. The same can also be checked directly from the website.
  9. Once the nomination form is filled, an option is given to check answers to all questions and once confirmed, the Nomination forms cannot be altered.
  10. Nomination process is to be notified by the organisers.
  11. One PAN / Mobile number shall be allowed for nomination to one category only.
  12. One PAN / Mobile number shall be allowed to support one nominee under one category. However, the same PAN / Mobile holder is allowed to support one nominee under other categories also.
  13. Under the above 5000 cr and (500 – 5000) cr corporate category as decided by the honourable jury, top 100 listed companies by revenue stand deemed nominated.


  1. Weblink shall be sent to all qualified nominees through Email / SMS / WhatsApp, which they are permitted to forward to their supporters.
  2. For anyone to support any nominee, he / she or company or any legal entity / person must have a valid PAN / Mobile number.
  3. Final results will be shared with the Jury by the Auditor and will not be available to public viewing.
  4. There will be a start date for the support and the electronic process for the same will be opened after notice in the website and through other electronic and digital communications.
  5. There will be a closure date for all support activities.


  1. The Jury reserves the right to verify and call the final nominees for an interview / teleconference / VC before selecting the winners.
  2. In case of tie between two or more, Chairman of the Jury will take the final call.
  3. All winners will be intimated by email / SMS / WhatsApp / Call.